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Our Approach to Family Law: A letter from Kimberly Reed

My parents separated when I was a senior in high school. It was an extremely difficult time for my family. During their divorce, I had an opportunity to meet my mother’s attorney, and witness her demeanor before and after her appointments with him. He was extremely professional and had the amazing ability to really understand her wants and needs, and was able to skillfully guide her through the situation. She would leave for appointments an emotional, scared mess, and would return very calm. He obviously could see that she did not actually want a divorce, and encouraged counseling for them. He did this even though taking that position was not particularly in his financial best interest. In the end, my parents were able to reconcile and remained together until my father’s passing a few years ago. This experience made a real impact on me. From that point forward, I knew that I wanted to dedicate my life to being the attorney to help guide people through these situations.

Unfortunately, after becoming a family law attorney, I repeatedly witnessed people going through the adversarial court process, digging their feet in the sand, and heading straight into war. The adversarial court process, in many cases, also takes years to complete, sadly with the parties spending their life savings or borrowing money to support the fight. The effect of the adversarial process destroys the parties already strained relationships, and at the end of the case, I would see parents who could not even communicate with each other or be in a room together. This is certainly not healthy for the parents or their children.

The more I watched this happen, it was clear to me that this old model of divorce was completely broken, and I knew there had to be a better way to achieve my client’s goals while preserving their family relationships and financial security.

Finding Alternatives to Litigation and Court

A couple has complete control over what option they use to facilitate their divorce.  Reed Law offers clients many options as an alternative to going to court, such as:

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Our firm offers passionate, professional legal services when you need them most. We’ve handled difficult and sensitive family legal problems and complex issues around estate plans for years, and understand the importance of diligence and preparation.

When you come to Reed Law, you can expect the same level of skill (and resources) as a much larger firm, but with the added attention to detail and personal approach that you would expect from a much smaller firm. We provide you with innovative solutions that help you resolve your issues cost-effectively.

Learn more about our firm’s founder here:

Kimberly D. Reed

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